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Hey legal, unlock the greatest resource you already have – data.

Accelerate speed to intelligence, predictability of outcomes, and reduce surprises during a litigation or investigation with a platform of technology, analytics, and legal expertise.

A recent study by the RELX Group, which polled 10,000 U.S. senior executives, ranked law last amongst industry sectors in its use of big data.

Vantage is an outcome-based solution suite designed to maximize attorney strategy,

empowering better legal and business decisions with faster results.




Acceleration to legal intelligence

Future legal & business risk avoidance

Recycling work product and efficiency gain

Make data your strategic advantage.

Eight unique solutions that configure to your needs.

First Look

Data Reduction

Intelligence Repository

Actionable Insights

Surface key facts in the first 20-90 days

94% average data reduction

Data, facts, and work product repository

Proactive/preventative approach to legal risk

Review Accelerator

Workforce Optimization

Digital Fact Binder

Incident Response Extraction

Statistical sampling, CAL to narrow review

Auto-allocate work for cost and time savings

Build real-time fact base during review

Auto-identification and extraction of PXI

Stop wasting time with inefficient workflows and business processes

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